ROUNDUP: Our Top Picks for Budget-Friendly Flooring

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LAMINATE | Would you have ever guessed that the above picture was laminate hardwood? I didn’t think so. Laminate has come a long way in terms of aesthetics! It’s a great choice when you need something durable, low-maintenance, and easy on the wallet. If you want the look of hardwood but not the cost or the maintenance, laminate is the way to go! However, some laminates can be a little sensitive to water depending on its fabrication. For instance, the laminate you see above comes in planks. This holds up to water as there aren’t any edges that could peel if drops of water are left for a prolonged period of time. But certain kinds of laminate that have exposed edges can run the risk of peeling.


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LINOLEUM |When people think of linoleum they often imagine their grandmother’s old mellow yellow and lime green patterned floor (I know, I was guilty of that too!). But linoleum can take you so much further! It’s a sustainable product – made of linseed oil and powdered cork with canvas backing, its highly durable, low-maintenance, and inexpensive. One of my favorite brands, Marmoleum by Forbo (pictured above in grey granite) has fun bright colors, marble swirls, and linear striations as seen above. It’s a super fun and low-cost way to bring color and interest into a space!


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(photo credit: Atrafloor)


How fun is that pattern?! Vinyl is another great way of bringing color and pattern into your home. It’s not eco-friendly like linoleum but it’s budget friendly – which is why it’s landed itself in this blog post. If you love the funky patterns of cement tile, want a wood or stone look-a-like, or just like the bright fun colors, take a look at Atra floor. They take flooring options to a whole new level.


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Comfortable, acoustical, and cheap! Cork floors are another amazing option for when you are on a budget. The cushioned surface provides comfort underfoot which makes it ideal in high traffic areas. It’s a natural sound barrier and insulator so it’s great for upstairs or basements. You do have to be careful with cork since it’s a soft product it is not the most durable out of your other options. Since it is soft, sharp or heavy object such as furniture or pets claws can indent or scratch it. It’s not impossible to replace individual tiles if one were to get damaged, just a tad tedious.


Well there’s your roundup for today! Please comment below with suggestions of topics you’d like to see in the future or what you think of this post!