Our FAVE Places for Wallpaper

Kimberlee Marie ID- Bellevue Craftsman- Bath.jpg

Whenever a client is up for adding wallpaper somewhere in their home we jump at that chance! You know why? Because there is still a lingering stigma engrained in some people’s brains that wallpaper hasn’t changed since the 1980s. But let me tell you it has changed my friend – A LOT! Wallpaper is a great way to bring in color, texture, and another layer to your home. You have so many options, too. Grasscloth, embellished grasscloth, print, texture, vinyl, metallic, faux finishes, and the list goes on. If it were up to me, I would easily pick a space to put wallpaper in every person’s home I design. But since that’s not the case, here are some of my favorite spaces to add wallpaper that will hopefully give you the inspiration to jump on the wallpaper train!


Mercer Island Modern- Kids Bath.jpg

A bathroom may seem like a surprising place to put wallpaper for obvious reasons – and depending on your circumstance, it might not be the best place – but for spaces like a powder room or a kids bathroom (shown above) it makes for quite the statement! It’s an easy way to break up the harder surfaces you find in a bathroom and bring in more warmth and color. Powder rooms are smaller spaces that all your guests see at one time or another. So why not make it a talking point? Add a classic chinoiserie print for a traditional look or a funky geometric pattern to match your modern taste.


Dining Room Wallpaper.jpg

(photo credit: Houzz)


The dining room is another fun place to add interest through wallpaper. In the picture shown above, the designer opted for a neutral grasscloth to sit above the dining room’s wainscoting. This is a great option for people who want to have wallpaper but are worried that it will be too busy. The grasscloth adds texture to the space without taking away from the other detailed touches. It’s a very well thought out, curated design that keeps your eye interested.


Bed Room Wallpaper.jpg

(photo credit: Houzz)


Wallpaper doesn’t need to be added to an entire room either – if you want a pop of color or a touch of texture, pick a wall that would be a good focal point to be the accent wall for your wallpaper installation. The wall behind your bed is a great example of this! As seen in the picture above, this contemporary master bedroom has a very neutral palette. The patterned wallpaper is juxtaposed nicely with the solid textiles. The colors in the wallpaper play well with the pillows and side chair, giving this sophisticated master bedroom a cohesive look.


Living Room Wallpaper.jpg

(photo credit: Houzz)


The sky really is the limit when it comes to wallpaper. I am always stumbling upon new and creative ways to use wallpaper in a home. The ceiling is a great example of an unexpected place to see wallpaper! Because of the tall vaulted ceilings the wallpaper doesn’t make the space feel small or claustrophobic, it makes it feel warm and cozy – and fun! It’s probably the first thing anyone notices when they walk into this space, and isn’t that the point? You want the design elements in your home to be noticed (in a positive way) and talked about. So don’t be afraid to try something out of the ordinary – there are aren’t as many hard and fast rules when it comes to design as you may think.


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