Freshening Up for Spring Just Got Easier

Freshening Up for Spring Just Got Easier


We’ve made it fellow Seattleites – we are days away from the first day of spring! The dark period is finally over and we have been getting some teasers of what the coming months will feel like (YAS!). But now that we are nearing the days of summer, is anyone else getting the itch to refresh their home? Maybe take that box of stuff in the garage to goodwill finally? Or start digging in on some yard work? After all, it is called spring cleaning!

The busiest months of the year for us are through spring and summer, and you know why? Because everyone gets the itch to finally get that remodel under way or update the furniture they’ve had for far too long. But not all of us can afford to or necessarily need to make such drastic and expensive changes to refresh our home. That’s right – you too can revamp your space without spending a fortune! Here’s some easy tips to refreshing your home for spring without breaking the bank:

A D D  S O M E  G R E E N E R Y


 It’s as simple as that! Grab those dusty old vases you haven’t used in awhile or head to Home Goods to get a few ones. Check out your local farmers market or nursery and go a little crazy J Maybe add some eucalyptus leaves to the bathroom, a floral arrangement to your dining room center piece, or if you’re really feeling it get a fiddle leaf fig tree for the living room! Whichever spaces you feel like need some love, add some green. Plants are proven to help the air quality in your home too – so it’s a win win!

C H A N G E  Y O U R  P I L L O W S

You’d be surprised at how big of a difference a couple throw pillows will do to the overall look of your space! Pillows are meant to bring in color, texture, and pattern (and comfort!) – which is why switching them out every once in a while goes along way. Pro tip: most throw pillows these days are sold as covers, inserts sold separately. So if you are someone who doesn’t want to waste a perfectly good pillow (like myself!) just by a new cover that matches the size of what you have currently and put it on over the pillow! Easy peasy! 

R E P L A C E  T H A T  R U G

A rug is what ultimately grounds your space and connects it all together. It sets the tone for how you want occupants in your space to feel – a soft viscose rug for somewhere warm and cozy, a durable sisal for a high traffic area, or a hand knotted wool rug with a lot of color for a conversation starter. Depending on the size and material, rugs can be pretty affordable. Which make them great candidates to switch out when trying to refresh your space. You can easily change the mood of your room by choosing a rug that is more neutral or if you want to spice things up get one with more color and pattern.

M I X  T H I N G S  U P

Another easy way to refresh your space is to rearrange the accessories you already have! Just like Emily Henderson suggests in her book Styled, your eye might just be tired at staring at the same things in the same place. Switch around the vases or décor on your bookshelves with what you have on your console table. Play with different vignettes and see where things could fit. And if you want to add to your collection, check out your local flea market for some fun finds.

I hope this was helpful and inspires you to try out some of the tips and tricks in your own home! As always, we love hearing your feedback and suggestions.