The Easiest and *Healthiest* Way To Spruce Up Your Home

In need of an inexpensive, easy way to bring a little more interest to your home? With summer upon us now is the time to go outside and pick some flowers from your garden or head down to your local market. Having indoor plants is all the rage today and there are so many reasons why! Plants add a lot of benefits to your home not only visually but for your health as well. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should add plants to your home décor:


Whether they are being used as a focal point on a dining table, a pop of color on open shelves, a piece of art in the corner of an entryway, or as a soft balance amongst some heavy furniture - plants add so much color and life to any space they occupy. 

Here are some of our favorite  ways to decorate your home with indoor plants:  

  •      Pothos plant perched on a shelf with it's long vines hanging down
  •      Banana plant in a colorful or eclectic pot in the corner of your space 
  •      Macramé plant hangers hanging from the ceiling in an office or living room
  •      Fiddle leaf fig tree in a space that needs more height to balance with lower scale furniture 
  •      Peonies as a kitchen table center piece

Health Benefits:

When you are adding plants into your home you are not only adding a greenery you are adding a living organism that will be interacting with your environment. Some of the biggest benefits to adding plants is that it helps you: 

-          Breathe easier: plants during photosynthesis absorb the carbon dioxide you breathe out and release oxygen, creating more oxygen for you to breathe better.

-          Releasing Water: during plants respiratory process they release a moisture vapor which will increase the humidity of the space. If you live in a dry area this can really improve dry skin, colds, and sore throats.

-          Purifying Air: plants also remove toxins from the air, VOCs or volatile organic compounds are found in many household items and plants absorb those compounds and pull them into the soil where the roots convert them into food for the plant.

-          Overall health: The Dutch Product Board for Horticulture did a workplace study that found that adding indoor plants to an office setting decreased fatigue, colds, headaches, coughs, sore throats and flu-like symptoms.


Here are some our favorite plants to decorate with:

-          Fiddle leaf fig: This leafy green goddess adds height and color giving any room dimension and balance. it's also a perfect contrast to neutral walls and light wood tones.

-          Succulents: These little plants are perfect for the home owner that doesn’t have much time to care for plants, requiring little water all succulents need is sunlight. They are great for dressing up a desk, dresser or  kitchen window sill.

-          Eucalyptus leaf: This plant is very versatile and looks beautiful wherever it is. It can be used as an accent in a bouquet, by itself in a tall vase, as a wreath, or even bundled together as a votive candle holder. The soothing scent of eucalyptus leaves is an added bonus!

-          Peonies: This flower is one of our absolute favorites. It makes the perfect bouquet to add to any table or hard surface. It's sweet pink tones offer a pop of color in a powder room or a feminine touch to a space with a lot of hard or cold finishes. 

-          Local market flowers or plants from you garden: Just take a look outside! If you have any plants or trees growing in your garden  this an easy (and free!) way to take the fresh summer feel inside. Or if you don't have a garden your local market is sure to have the best picks of the week! 

How do you use plants to decorate your home? We'd love to hear from you!