Shop The Look - Moody Bedroom

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Need a new look for your bedroom and prefer dark and cozy to light and airy? Well this week's shop the look is right up your alley! Featuring a moody floral wallpaper thought to go on the wall behind the bed, a vintage washed rug for added comfort, and a 4 poster spindle bed with eighteenth century influences, you'll want to stay curled up in this space all day! The beaded chandelier hanging above the end of the bed adds an elegant touch and the organic shape of the table lamps give a nod to the turned posts on the bed frame. An arm chair and accent table are added to go in the corner of your master bedroom for a spot to curl up with a good book or sip your morning coffee (get two chairs - if you have the space - one for you and one for your partner so you can lounge together). The rustic wood nightstands give a casual vibe and balance out some of the more ornate features. 

Side note: I was struggling to come up with a name for this space but it just came to me - the moody modern farmhouse master bedroom! Want to get this look? Check out the complete shopping list below! I've made sure to source everything from easily accessible retail brands that all offer online shopping for your convenience :) 

Shopping List: 

Floral Wallpaper
Area Rug
4 Poster Spindle Bed
Table Lamps
Black Pillows
Checkered Pillows
Pink Faux Fur Pillow
Chandelier Above Bed
Arm Chair
Accent Table
Bonus: Pottery Barn Honeycomb Bed Linens in White (Not Pictured)