5 Backsplashes That Aren't Subway Tile

LauraJeanDesign- kitchen.jpg

(Photo Credit: Granite Bay Design/Build)

Don't worry, I have nothing against subway tile – we use it in a lot of projects! It's a great option for low-budget clients and can be incorporated with many different styles. But we see it a lot – and I mean A LOT! We always love spicing up our projects with unique materials that add interest so here's a round up of some of our favorites to use:

1. Cement Tile (above)

Talk about a fun pattern! Using cement tile as a backsplash is a great way to mix things up and incorporate more color. There are thousands of patterns to choose from and so many local handmade tile shops you can support in the process. Some of our favorites to use are Cle TileCement Tile Shop, and Kibak Tile.


(Photo Credit: John Granen for Kimberlee Marie Interior Design)

2. Bold Pattern & Mixed Materials

This backsplash is the WOW factor in this Airbnb kitchenette because of it's fun pattern and use of multiple materials. White thassos marble, white gold calacatta, and gold metal accents are combined together to create the diamond zig-zag shapes giving off an art deco vibe. Use this tile in any kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, or wherever backsplash is needed for a glamourous touch. You can find this backsplash in multiple colors at Tile Bar.


(Photo credit: Fireclay Tile Gallery)

3. Colorful Handmade Ceramic Tile

Make a statement in your kitchen with a pop of color as your backsplash – and better yet couple it with a fun shape like a hex or ogee scallop. This kitchen backsplash from Fireclay Tile  is especially gorgeous because the tile is handmade so each tile's color varies a bit. I love this because it carries your eye and keeps you interested.


(Photo Credit: John Granen for Kimberlee Marie Interior Design) 

4. Back painted Glass

Want to avoid grout but not sacrifice style? Then back painted glass could be the option for you! It's exactly how it sounds, a slab of glass back painted so the color shows through. Above is an example of the dining area of a kitchen with a pop of red back painted glass. How awesome is that? Depending on the fabricator you can do a custom colors too!