ROUND UP: Places to Shop for Home Decor


It’s been a little while since we’ve done a round up! I thought a fun one to share would be our favorite places to shop for home decor. And because for some reason I am in such a redecorating mode - I don’t know if it’s the sunny, happy weather that has me inspired or if I’m just ready to mix more new with old! Regardless, it’s always the right time to add to your home decor!

When decorating your home you always want to make sure it reflects YOU. Which is why mixing styles and incorporating old with new is a GOOD thing! It adds a ton more interest to your space and tells your story.

Glancing around my home now I see a green glass elephant figurine that was passed down to me by my grandpa and grandpa, next to a picture frame I picked up from Paper Source, with some Voluspa candles and stack of books from various places mixed in. All pieces I have collected over time from different places. That is what creates a fun, curated, and interesting look in ANY space.

So I’m not saying to go out and buy a bunch of new decorations from Target or the local flea market right now, but just keep these places in mind for when you’re out running errands next or are looking to add a couple pieces to your collection.


(Pro tip: when you go on vacation always try to find one or two pieces to take home that you can add to your home decor - that way you have a story to tell if someone asks where it’s from AND a lovely reminder of that week you spend in the Mediterranean)

OK here we go:

  1. Your local flea market (for Seattle peeps: Sodo Flea Market). This particular flea market is open one Saturday every month and has a lot of local artisans selling home goods, clothing, food, accessories, furniture, and more! Flea markets are some because there are so many unique finds to discovery that you won’t see anywhere else

  2. Anthropologie - I mean come on, what girl doesn’t like Anthropologie? So. Many. Pretty. Things. I would honestly live in Anthropologie if I could. From the floral dishware, to their impressive collection of Voluspa candles, coffee table books, decorative objects, and so much more! Anthropologie's mission is to deliver unique, distinctive, and unexpected finds - which is exactly what we are looking for!

  3. Lulu & Georgia - if you’re someone who likes to solely do their shopping online than you gotta check out Lulu & Georgia! As an online shop they deliver a large inventory of everything home decor. I could spend hours on their site redesigning my entire home (resist the urge!) because of how trendy and fun their stuff is.

  4. Target - they’ve really been stepping up their game lately in the home decor department! With designers like Joanna Gaines and Emily Henderson helping design or style their collections it’s yet another department you can’t help but go into when you were only supposed to grab a dish mat... Sound familiar? But seriously, if you’re looking for a budget friendly and stylish shop to find your home decor pieces, don’t forget to stop by Target!

  5. World Market - another great source for everything home decor. From styles like moroccan to rustic industrial you’ll find pillows, rugs, lighting, accessories, furniture, and more at reasonable prices!

  6. Etsy - this is like the epitome of home decor and accessories. You’ll find an endless amount of handmade goods such as pillows, dishware, candles, open shelves, and so on. It also feels good to purchase items from small businesses and vendors who made a living out of DIY.

  7. TJ Maxx / Home Goods / Marshalls - I’m going to couple all these into one as I know at least two of them have the same owners but all three of them have the same mission; providing quality products at discounted prices! All three of these stores have great home decor sections (depending on the location!) where you’ll be able to find at least a few of the pieces you need for your home.

  8. Paper Source - I loveeeeee this store! While it’s not mainly geared toward home decor it does have a lot of fun decorative objects scattered throughout that could easily become your next favorite home accessory

There you have it! There are a million other shops out there that you can find amazing stuff at but those are my top 8. It never hurts to get outside and explore your local boutiques too because those always carry a lot of unique things!