What You Need to Know About Las Vegas Market


Wow, what a whirlwind! In 48 hours we crammed in countless showrooms, prepared for a new and exciting business venture for KMID, gave Kim her first little taste of VEGAS, and also managed to score a few celeb meet and greets (Obviously ran down the escalators to catch a pic with Lisa Vanderpump!)

All in all, I’d say it was a pretty successful market! For those of you who don’t know what the Las Vegas Market is all about - it’s basically a giant trade show catering to the home decor, furniture, and gift industries (aka we LIVE for these events). As designers, we are always wanting to be one step ahead and in the know with what the upcoming trends are so we can be ready to pass that knowledge onto our clients. It’s fun for us, and beneficial for you; it’s a win-win!

As we reflect back on these past two days and swipe through the many pictures we took, here are some of the key takeaways from market that we think you should know:


Jewel tones, jewel tones, JEWEL TONES! 

Now I’m no Pantone expert, but judging by what was at market you will be seeing a lot of jewel tones this season. Meaning, home decor shops will be adorned in deep teals and blues, shades of amber, emerald greens, mauves and blush, and marigold yellow. And let me tell ya, we are on board with this trend! These colors are fun to design with because they are so versatile. You can use jewel tones to make a space dark and moody, classic and sophisticated, or playful and bright! The options are endless which is why we are excited to incorporate this trend into future projects.


Gold + marble + wood

It’s the trio of the year! Everywhere we turned I feel like we saw those three materials blended together somehow. Whether it was coasters, coffee tables, cutting boards, or bar carts. And I’m not complaining! I love how all three together create a look that can be elevated or casual and feminine or masculine. The gold tones, either polished or brushed, bring a sophisticated flavor while juxtaposed with the wood element and complemented by marble. It’s a lasting combo to be mixed with many different styles


Faux plants are…. In?

Did I just type that? Trust me, I’m in shock too. I didn’t think I’d ever be saying this because I think having fake plants in your home is tacky, but I was pleasantly surprised with all the artificial foliage I saw at market. The texture, coloring, and attention to detail for faux plants has come a long way! One of the showrooms had a giant orchid plant that I swore was real, it even felt delicate! I may be turning a new leaf (pun intended) to the idea of incorporating faux foliage into the home, BUT it needs to be the life-like looking kind. There are still plenty of plants out there that you can tell are made out of plastic so be particular about what you choose. I still think that real plants are the best way to go because they will always be the most beautiful choice and add a ton of health benefits to your home, but if you don’t have a green thumb or have fur babies that ruin them, going the faux route may be the best option for you!

What do you think of these upcoming / ongoing trends? Any of them you are happy about? Don't like? We always love to hear from you!