Color Schemes for Fall

The leaves haven’t quite started to fall yet but you can smell it in the air - Fall is upon us! Personally, my heart is breaking a tad because I’m not ready to let this warm and sunny summer go. BUT! I am trying to look on the bright side by getting myself excited for the upcoming season. I’m brushing the dust off my boots, pulling out my sweaters, counting down the days until pumpkin spice lattes are at Starbucks, and taking notice of the trending colors forecasted for the next few months.

Our photoshoot last week of a completed project inspired me to write this post because of the color scheme chosen for the furnishings and florals. Two words: Jewel Tones. I’ve definitely noticed a lot of jewel tones incorporated in other designers projects as of late, and going to Las Vegas Market in July solidified my observations - jewel tones are all the rage for this fall!

In light of this new found inspiration, I’ve put together a palette of our favorite fall color schemes - complete with jewel tones, neutrals, and dusty muted colors - that will hopefully inspire too you when gearing up for Fall!

1. Blue & Rose-Amber

Color Scheme- Navy & Orange.jpg

I don't know about you but these colors scream warm and cozy to me! The deep navy reminds me of a crisp October night while the amber (ish) with a hint of dusty coral signifies the warm lighting shining through windows of homes you see as you pass by. Pair these tones with a couple neutrals, such as light gray and off-white, and you'll soften your space, completing the warm and cozy feel. Pro tip: Add some greenery for another pop of color. Use the blue and amber tones for pillows, accessories, and smaller furniture pieces. For large furniture pieces choose a neutral so your space doesn't feel too overwhelming. 

2. Mauve & Blush

Color Scheme - Mauve & Taupe.jpg

A more feminine take for fall - the spectrum of mauve to pink is SO in right now! You can darken the tones to create a space that's dark and moody, or brighten them for a modern glam look. These colors are easy on the eyes and evoke feelings of sophistication. Trying to decorate your new baby girl's nursery? Hosting a dinner party and want to impress your guests with a show-stopping table setting? Or maybe you're trying to revamp your office. This color scheme is so versatile and could work in so many areas of your home. Pro tip: These colors look FABULOUS with gold, wood, and marble accents.

3. Hunter green, Raspberry & Olive

Green & Raspberry Color Scheme.jpg

Do these colors remind you of Thanksgiving? For some reason I immediately think of cranberry sauce and alllll the veggies (I may be a bit hungry right now). Anyway, as you can probably guess I got inspiration for this color palette when I envisioned a bustling household filled with family on Thanksgiving day. My mind also goes towards a transitional living room with dark metal accents. This color palette of hunter green, raspberry, and a mustardy-olive-green is also versatile and can be used through out your home this season. Pro tip: Of the three bold colors, choose one to use minimally. For instance, maybe one or two pops of the olive green if the hunter green and raspberry tones set the stage (think a pillow or two, a hint of color in the rug, table lamp, or maybe you have some decorative objects that are olive colored). 

4. Dusty Earth Tones & Plum

Earth & Plum Tones.jpg

A more casual, Pacific Northwest-esque vibe - these colors encompass Fall in the upper left USA. The cool earth tones seen in the blue and green represent Washington's beautiful forests and bodies of water. While the rich plum and deep crimson reflect cool and quiet autumn nights. The dusty, muted tones of these colors create a sense of calmness - perfect for a master suite or living room. Pro tip: Throwing wood tones into the mix will add to the PNW-contemporary vibe and adding metal accents will give a nod towards an industrial style. 

Which color palette is your favorite? Were you inspired and thought of a completely new color scheme? We'd love to hear your thoughts by commenting in the field below. 

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