Shop The Look - Fall Living Room

Shop The Look_Fall Living Room 10:3.jpg

It’s officially Fall y’all! And you know what that means? It’s time to cozy up your home! Whether that’s adding a fuzzy throw blanket, getting a comfy sofa, or switching out throw pillows, getting your home ready for the cold is exciting! Or at least I think it is ;) There’s something about being curled up on the couch with a fire and a TV show on and looking out the window to see the crisp night air.

SO! In the spirit of the changing season, I thought it was time to design another Shop The Look. As you can probably guess, it’s fall inspired with cozy colors and textures. This living room can be blended with what you currently have or if you’re feeling like splurging you can get the entire look. The throw pillows will go with almost any neutral colored sofa out there, as well as deep navy or dark hunter green.

I’m pretty sure plaid is the pattern of fall (or it should be) which is why I chose a navy plaid area rug to go underfoot. It evokes coziness and is also soft to the touch which your feet will thank you for. The vintage side tables flanking either side of the sofa warm up your space with the deep wood tones (Pro tip: head to your local flea market or consignment shop to find a similar vintage piece).

The juxtaposition between the marble and gold table lamps elevating the comfy casual look and the heavy black coffee table grounding the room help balance each other. Fun patterns, textures, and colors brought out through the throw pillows add interest and warmth. If you are interested in painting your space, go with a creamy white paint color that doesn’t call attention to itself but still helps with making the space feel cozy.

As a finishing touch, I selected a couple wall art pieces that don’t have to necessarily match with anything in the space, but rather complement what’s going on. I typically like picking art with different mediums, themes, or colors that still speak to one another. You don’t have to stick to keeping the same frames, either. Be creative and mix and match! You can get a feel for what I mean by looking at the three wall art pieces I selected for this space.

Here’s the complete shopping list:

Cream Color Roll Arm Sofa

Navy Plaid Area Rug

Vintage Side Tables

Chiang Mai Dragon Throw Pillow

Green Greek Key Throw Pillow

Amber Velvet Polka Dot Pillow

Marble & Gold Table Lamps

Pines Wall Art

Abstract Landscape Art

Days in Paris Wall Art

Paint Color