What's Your Style?


Your interior decorating style is like your personality, it’s made up of many different attributes collected over time and formed together to embody a unique set of parameters. Its ever evolving as your likes and dislikes change, you discover new things, and you learn more about yourself. Which is why we've made a quiz to help you decipher what your unique style is!

Before you take this quiz I want to make one thing clear: your style is a mix of styles and won’t fit into one clear box. Our style quiz is meant to give you a better idea of what your style tendencies are so you can articulate what it is you gravitate towards in order to make your space reflect YOU. At the end of the quiz you most likely won’t receive one result. Instead, we’ll show you a percentage of different styles based on your answers that make up your own unique style. You’ll be able to read the details about each style and have a much better idea of what you like, why you like it, and how to move forward when designing your home.

Embrace the experience! Perhaps sit back and grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine (whatever floats your boat), and really dive in to what YOUR heart is attracted to - not what your spouse likes, what your friends think, or anyone else for that matter. Don’t get caught up in your head about what’s “in” or “out” right now, just channel your inner self. Just relax and we’ll handle the rest!

Like I said before, your style is always changing. Take this quiz today, and take it again in a few weeks or months. See if anything has shifted, I almost guarantee you it does! As time goes on and you get older, you gain more perspective or see something new that adds to or changes your style.

Ready? Let’s do this thang!