Mercer Island Remodel

When my client purchased this house it had not been updated since the 1950's. The prior owners -also the original owners- had not updated the home at all in their 60 years of living there. When we did our initial walk through it was like walking through a time capsule. A pink 1950's time capsule. The story goes it was a husband and wife that lived in the home previously and the husband let the wife call all the shots when it came to the decor. The result? 50 shades of pink. Okay, maybe not 50, but at least 10. Hot pink shag carpet in the master bedroom. Coral pink gold-foil wallpaper in the master bathroom. Light pink tile in the guest bath. Pink toilets and tubs. Pink chandeliers. The list goes on and on.

My client, a single guy in his mid-twenties, needed a big change so suffice it to say the pink had to go.  We did a major remodel of the entire main floor of the home and did cosmetic changes to the top story of the home. We did a complete overhaul to the kitchen and remodeled all three bathrooms. My client wanted a simple, classic and timeless look for his home that did not feel overly feminine. We achieved this through the use of clean lines, classic shaker style cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms, beautiful creamy-gray granite counter tops and oil-rubbed bronze hardware throughout. We kept the color pallet warm, yet neutral to give it an elegant and timeless look.

We updated the floor plan by knocking down a wall in between the kitchen and the dining room and installing a counter top bar to create an open layout conducive for entertaining. We also changed the cabinet layout to further open up the kitchen and changed the location of the appliances to create a better functioning kitchen.In the living room we refinished all the hardwood floors and built a new mantle for the fireplace to give it more visual substance and Craftsman style.  In the guest bath we traded the tub surround in for a walk-in shower which added not only to the resale value of the home but also the luxuriousness of the home. We created a spa like oasis with pebble shower floors and warm hues of the ever classic subway tile. We brought in some sparkle and visual interest with glass tiles in the shower as well.

The end result is a beautiful and timeless home my client loves and is now proud to entertain in without feeling like his masculinity is encroached upon. He now has a home that fits his personal tastes and functions for his lifestyle.