ROUND UP: This Week's Top Rug Finds

Photo Credit: Lidia Wiens (@lidiawiens)

Here at Kimberlee Marie Interior Design, we ADORE rugs! They not only define a space but can also add a lot of color, interest, and warmth. These days, there is not a place I can think of where a rug doesn’t belong – runners in a kitchen or master bathroom bring comfort underfoot and soften the edges of colder finishes; outdoor area rugs add an elevated look to your back patio; or a rug under your dining room table unifies the space and naturally creates a place of gathering. See where I’m getting at here? Rugs are an important design element which is why this week’s round up shows you our faves!


Surya Rug.JPG

1.    One of Surya’s best selling rugs – this gem really steals the show! With quite a few sizes to choose from, we have used this rug for a client’s kitchen runner as well as my own living room ;)


Caitlin Wilson Rug.JPG

2.    This beautiful Persian inspired rug has a neutral palette making it easy to pair it with just about anything! Creator Caitlin Wilson is known for her stunning rugs – her use of pastels mixed with vintage patterns provides a classical modern look that you can’t find anywhere else.


New England Loom Rug.JPG

3.    100% wool, 100% antique – we came across this gorgeous find on, believe it or not, Instagram! New England Loom is a fabulous rug hunting company that sources vintage rugs all over the world and ships them straight to your home.


Cowhide Loloi Rug.JPG

4.    What really attracted me to this Loloi rug was it’s mix of masculinity and glam. When I think of a cowhide rug my mind immediately goes to a home out in the country with deep, warm wood tones. But add the shimmery champagne accents and voila! This cowhide rug is now meant for a feminine office or to layer on top of a jute rug.


5.    What would be a Kim & Kallan fave without something pink?! The Chafika from Homestead is a hand knotted 100% wool show stopper. I love the mix of colors – red, salmon, gray, black, mauve, yellow, tan – something you wouldn’t expect to work so well together but it does.

Which of these rugs do you like most? Is there one that sticks out to you or none at all? As always, we love hearing from you!