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"There is simply no limit to the amount of wonderful superlatives that we can share about Kimberlee Marie Interior Design: Thoughtful. Inventive. Insightful. Unflappable. Tireless. We had an incredibly positive experience working with her to furnish and renovate our new home. In fact, we were sorry to see the project come to an end because we so enjoyed working with her.

Kim improved our renovation experience in the following ways:

  • Provided an accurate and reasonably priced scope of work. And stuck to it. When there were additional costs or changes, Kim was completely transparent and upfront.

  • Brought us creative, out-of-the-box design plans that were both unexpected yet inline with our desired aesthetic. At the start of the project, Kim did a color consultation which proved invaluable in terms of ensuring that she sourced products and ideas that met our criteria.

  • Communicated in a way that was both proactive and responsive. She anticipated our needs and met them before we even had a chance to think about them.

  • Always made herself available for questions or concerns about the project. And, was respectful of our time and schedule by being extra prepared for our meetings to ensure they were productive and purposeful.

  • Seamlessly integrated with our contractor to expedite project timeline and decision-making.

Simply put, we are overjoyed by the results of our interior design project. And, that's thanks to Kim's hard work in finding us beautiful pieces and solutions that work seamlessly in our new home. Throughout the course of the project, there was no detail too small for Kim to address. We feel so lucky to have been able to work with her."  - A. M.

"I hired Kim to help with a remodel on several rooms in our house. She was wonderful to work with. Not only does she have a great eye, but she was very responsive, a good listener and able to find my style. She also went above and beyond in helping me with the contractor. I really appreciated her calm demeanor and she was also fun to work with. I am very pleased with the final remodel and I owe it all to Kim. I highly recommend her and will continue to employ her advice and expertise." - J. F. 

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"Kimberlee Marie Interior Design transformed our small, bland condo into an eye-catching open space dream home! We loved Kim's keen eye for color and warm yet professional approach. Highly recommended!"   -J. J. 

"We hired Kim to help us refresh our living/dining and TV room look when we bought a new house. She was very thorough and professional from the beginning. She got to know us and our style and came up with multiple suggestions for everything that she recommended. I am a very frugal shopper. She was great with helping me find deals at certain stores so that I could save money. She was adaptable and flexible to our situation and she was always willing to help, let me run things by her or go back to the drawing board if needed. Although she picked out a majority of the furniture we went with, she made me feel like I helped design it too so it's something I am proud of! I learned a lot about design while working with her and enjoyed our shopping time together! I highly recommended you meeting with her even if you've never worked with a designer before. It was our first time and I'm so happy it worked out the way it did!" - T. C.

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