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Kimberlee Marie Interiors is a luxury, full-service interior design studio seving Clyde Hill with high-quality services such as space planning, product procurement, material selections, and project management. Kimberlee’s designs are known for their luxe appeal and incredible functionality. The studio specializes in new builds, remodeling, and furniture planning.

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Kimberlee Marie, Principal at Kimberlee Marie Interior

Kimberlee Marie Interiors is widely known for providing top-quality services and exceptional care to their clients in Clyde Hill. With decades of experience in new builds and remodels, they ensure that their clients have an enjoyable and fun design experience. Kimberlee and her team are all about ensuring client satisfaction while staying within budget.

Kimberlee Marie, Principal at Kimberlee Marie Interior

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Kimberlee Marie Interiors serves Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Medina, and Clyde Hill.