“You know how it feels, you are in a sea of Pinterest boards, ideas, and emotive feelings. You know what you like, but you have no idea how to get it, how to pull it all together. You feel lost and adrift, knowing your style is out there somewhere. But it’s all pieces of flotsam out in the sea of your imagination. Kimberlee Marie Interiors was there for me when I was drowning in a proverbial sea of indecision. I had a bold idea, but I didn’t have the confidence to bring it to life on my own. When faced with EVERY. SINGLE. OPTION. EVER, indecision and doubt can cause even the most decisive person to stall and stagnate.

KMI helps you sail through all the indecision. They are the experts helping to narrow down your choices, plans, and options. Whilst bringing their elegance and flair to the table with thoughtful, clever, and contemporary new ideas.

In my experience, KMI freed me to think outside of the box with my kitchen build. I could come to them with an idea knowing they would mold and shape that idea, letting me know if it would even work. Whilst being honest with me if it would not, and giving me alternatives.

Going into this, worrying about finding a contractor I could trust plagued me. You know those horror stories! People who think their project will cost them a certain amount and it ends up being twice that. Then they have to live in a half-finished house for five years till they can afford to finish it. I did NOT want that to be me. KMI has tried and tested contractors they have been using for years. They helped me find someone who fit the project and my concerns perfectly.

Big renovations can be stressful. I came away from my experience using KMI feeling so proud of what we accomplished together. My home feels truly like a piece of me, and I love waking up to this beautiful home every day. I would do it all again with KMI in a heartbeat, I cannot highly recommend them enough.” -M. I.


Wedgewood Remodel by Kimberlee Interior Design in Washington


“Kimberlee Marie Interiors helped me hone my taste and my style into one cohesive home.

Before, I was scattered; I loved various colors and pieces but they never felt thoughtful. Now my whole house is purpose built for me, and everything reflects my taste and my lifestyle.

Plus, it’s gorgeous and timeless. I love KMI so much I hired them for a second project and it turned out just as beautiful as the first!”



“We loved working alongside Kimberlee Marie Interiors as we designed and built our custom home.

They provided input and guidance from the beginning of the design through to the very end of the build process. With so many choices and decisions to make it was extremely helpful to have a partner like Kimberlee Marie Interiors to help us think through all the details.

Our project included consulting on a number of custom pieces that resulted in a look and feel that showcased our unique personality and taste. We were extremely happy with the end result and would highly recommend Kimberlee Marie Interiors for your home build or design project.” -D. B.


Read our client testimonials at Kimberlee Marie Interiors in Seattle, WA


“There is simply no limit to the amount of wonderful superlatives that we can share about Kimberlee Marie Interior Design: Thoughtful. Inventive. Insightful. Unflappable. Tireless. We had an incredibly positive experience working with her to furnish and renovate our new home. In fact, we were sorry to see the project come to an end because we so enjoyed working with her.

Kim improved our renovation experience in the following ways:

Provided an accurate and reasonably priced scope of work. And stuck to it. When there were additional costs or changes, Kim was completely transparent and upfront.
Brought us creative, out-of-the-box design plans that were both unexpected yet inline with our desired aesthetic. At the start of the project, Kim did a color consultation which proved invaluable in terms of ensuring that she sourced products and ideas that met our criteria.
Communicated in a way that was both proactive and responsive. She anticipated our needs and met them before we even had a chance to think about them.
Always made herself available for questions or concerns about the project. And, was respectful of our time and schedule by being extra prepared for our meetings to ensure they were productive and purposeful.
Seamlessly integrated with our contractor to expedite project timeline and decision-making.

Simply put, we are overjoyed by the results of our interior design project. And, that’s thanks to Kim’s hard work in finding us beautiful pieces and solutions that work seamlessly in our new home. Throughout the course of the project, there was no detail too small for Kim to address. We feel so lucky to have been able to work with her.” – A. M.


Bellevue Contemporary by Kimberlee Marie Interior Design


“Kimberlee Marie Interior Design transformed our small, bland condo into an eye-catching open space dream home! 

We loved Kim’s keen eye for color and warm yet professional approach. Highly recommended!”   -J. J.



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