What’s Your Interior Design Style?

September 21, 2022

When you work with Kimberlee Marie Interiors, one of the first steps in our process is uncovering your personal style. However, “What’s Your Style?” is kind of a loaded question because it’s assumed that you only like one type of style. In reality, interior design styles are ever evolving and you are most likely a mix of styles – resulting in a style that is unique to you. Which is why we decided to create a design quiz that is shall we say, a choose your own adventure.

While our quiz doesn’t include every single interior design style that exists, we picked eleven of the most popular we see today. The results of the quiz are meant to be a starting point for you in being able to discover what your own unique style is. Your style grows and changes over time just like you. It reflects the things you gravitate towards, how you like to feel in a space, the places you have been, and the elements you have been exposed to. Below is a short description of all the styles included in our quiz. You may already have an idea of where you fall after reading each explanation. Look through all of the styles first or go ahead and get started on our quiz at the link below! It should only take you 5-10 minutes to finish.

Organic Modern

You gravitate towards light wood tones, curves, and a polished yet casual style. Organic modern has the clean lines and minimal aesthetic like its sister Minimalist modern, yet uses an understated neutral color palette, layered textures, and nature-inspired pieces to create interest. It pulls inspiration from modern, boho, and mid-century modern styles. The juxtaposition between the clean lines and architectural elements makes this style so eye catching. It feels effortless, airy, and simple.

Minimalist Modern

You value function over form, despise clutter, and like to keep your home very simple. It is more than just an interior decor preference, it’s a lifestyle. Intentionally living with only the things you need instead of accumulating material things that aren’t important to you. You gravitate towards cooler, neutral colors with the occasional muted tones. You are clean and organized in daily life, which is reflected throughout your space.


Scandinavian design is just how it sounds, it’s very Nordic in its roots. You love light wood tones, clean lines, and lean minimalistic. Whites, creams, and tans are the main colors you gravitate towards with some muted pastels mixed in from time to time. Scandinavian is a very warm, relaxing, and simple style. Organic modern has a lot of similarities and may be another style you scored highly on.


You gravitate towards exposed brick, weathered wood, metal accents, and concrete elements. You love the masculine, old world feel of an industrial loft and the earthy color schemes used to soften the rigid space. The industrial style has also morphed with multiple aesthetics to create other popular styles such as industrial chic, industrial farmhouse, and modern industrial. Depending on which other styles your mix is, yours could be a variation of any of those.

Mid-century Modern

This isn’t the same mid-century you think of from your grandma’s house. Mid-century modern has come back with an updated flare that is taking over the interior design world. You gravitate towards light and airy rooms with clean lines, organic curves, and furniture that gives a nod to the 70’s. You love mixing materials (leather, linen, faux fur, metal accents) because it adds interest to your space. There is still a lot of walnut and medium brown wood tones found in mid-century modern style, but with an updated, more refined twist.

Modern Farmhouse

Comfortable, charming, and cozy are the three most important things to you when it comes to your home’s style. You love reclaimed wood, white walls, and wrought iron accents. You tend to gravitate towards warm grays, blues, greens, and soft earthy tones. The pops of color you do incorporate are muted. Modern Farmhouse and Updated Traditional are very similar but you tend to like more rustic spaces which is why this style is your #1.

Updated Traditional

The new traditional which we have nicknamed “Updated Traditional” is a mix of old tradition and modern aesthetic. This style could also be referred to as Transitional. You love mixing traditional elements (such as wainscoting, classic rugs, and unlacquered brass) with modern furniture, art, and/or lighting. You love to incorporate color, but it’s mostly in muted, deeper tones rather than bright and vibrant ones. You most likely like to incorporate some unexpected design elements such as wallpaper (not what was found in your grandmother’s house!) to help contrast with the light and airy look you so enjoy.


Bright, light, and airy is your jam! You love light wood tones, white, hues of blue and grey, and woven accents. Your home is reflective of a beachy, casual, and comfortable atmosphere. The furniture you purchase is transitional – its traditional in its roots but has some modern details (like clean lines). Coastal can range in overall style between the West and East coast. There is the more traditional coastal style that is rooted in New England, whereas the new modern coastal is found on the West coast and commonly called “California Coastal”.

Boho Eclectic

Boho-Eclectic can take on many forms but at the root of this style there are layered textures that are globally inspired, lots of color, and collected items from over time mixed in. You prefer your space to be bold, colorful, and cozy. Bohemian style uses a lot of organic elements, saturated colors, and textiles like bamboo and rattan. Eclectic is a lot like Bohemian except it’s the more refined, styled version. You may find yourself somewhere in the middle or leaning more towards one than the other.


Southwestern style is known for its layered textiles and earthy color palettes. It pulls from Spanish influences and has a rustic charm. You tend to gravitate towards colors like terra cotta, turquoise, and brown. There are a lot of natural accents found in your home such as wood beams and furniture, woven baskets, and cowhide. You love simple, white walls while you bring in a lot of color and interest through rugs, pillows, and furnishings. Just like any other style, southwestern style can take on many forms and vary depending on what other styles you gravitate towards.


Simply put, you want your home to look nothing short of fabulous. You love rich, vibrant colors mixed with materials like velvet, marble, brass, and acrylic. You love a posh, elevated look that delivers a big impact. Glam can range from Hollywood Regency and 80s Glam to Art Deco and the more modern take on Glam we know today. Wherever you land on the spectrum, one thing all style variations have in common is being bold.

These styles are less common, but you may identify with one of these categories as well!

·      Traditional

·      Contemporary

·      Modern Colonial

·      Art Deco

·      Hollywood Regency

·      Japanese

·      Country / farmhouse

·      English country

·      French country

·      Victorian

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