Shop The Look – All About The Neutrals

February 21, 2019

For anyone who can’t get enough of neutrals – this is for you! We are typically known for making more bold choices when it comes to color, however, we know that for a lot of people having a neutral color palette in their home provides peace and relaxation. Curating a calming oasis at home is as important as ever in this day and age because we live in a world filled with noise that’s hard to shut off while simultaneously trying to live a life of simplicity. Which is where the inspiration for this post came from. Find out how we were able to create a warm and cozy living room without using much color PLUS we’ve included the shopping list so you can get this exact look!

When starting to design a space, we always like to start out with the largest pieces of furniture first (sofa, chairs) because those are the anchor pieces and set the stage for the entire room. When we saw that this sofa was described as “cushy, modern, and oversized while still being able to fit in an apartment” we thought this was the perfect choice. It’s light gray linen blend fabric brings texture while providing a lot of comfort. Paired with two small faux sheepskin accent chairs, these pieces are sure to fit in a small apartment or large living room. By bringing in wood tones and gold accents through the case goods, an added feeling of warmth flows through the space. The elegantly soft rug underfoot is by Caitlin Wilson, elevating the look with it’s warm neutral tones and bold pattern. Adding a lot of textural elements to the space (like the table lamp and wall hanging) creates interest so your eye doesn’t get bored of looking at a room full of similar colors. Now that you’ve got a lay of the land for the reasons behind our design, it’s time to go shopping 😉 Check out the complete list with links below to recreate this room yourself!


Grey sofa

White faux sheepskin chairs

Cailtin Wilson rug

Side table

Table lamp

Wall hanging

Geometric throw pillow

Grey tassel lumbar pillow

Stack of books (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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